Commercial Mold Removal Services

Discovering mold in your business is a cause for concern. You can’t keep doing business — bringing in customers and employees — in a property contaminated by mold. To keep you in business longer, your local Restoration 1 offers top-rated commercial mold removal and remediation around the clock.

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The Signs of Commercial Mold

In a commercial environment, mold is typically caused by a recent roof leak or plumbing leak. The most common signs of mold include:

  • Recent flooding or water damage.
  • Burst pipe, leaking air conditioning, or plumbing leaks.
  • Musty odors.
  • Discoloration or water stains.

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Commercial Mold Remediation Process

While each mold damage ordeal is unique, there’s a common solution. The commercial mold remediation process is key in reversing mold damage and re-opening your business to the public sooner.

  • Step 1: Emergency Contact
  • Step 2: Inspection and Assessment
  • Step 3: Mitigation
  • Step 4: Cleanup and Sanitization
  • Step 5: Restoration

Understanding Commercial Mold

Your business runs smoothly with you at the helm, but even your best abilities cannot always prevent mold or water damage. Disasters happen when you least expect them. When it comes to mold, there are a few helpful things to understand:

  • Mold is found in every environment — indoors and outdoors.
  • Mold spores are microscopic and may enter your business through an open door, window or via the HVAC system.
  • For mold to form a colony, water or moisture must be present.
  • To fully treat commercial mold damage, the source of the problem must be dealt with promptly.
  • Mold produces a strong, musty odor that worsens the closer you are to the mold infestation.

At the first sign of commercial mold, call your local Restoration 1 for top-rated mold remediation and removal services. Our IICRC-certified technicians will help you reopen your business to the public in less time and for the best price!


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