Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services

Fire can tear apart your business. While shutting down your daily operations, a fire will put the structural safety of your company at risk, obliterate crucial documents, and destroy everything you’ve built. It’s more than an inconvenience — fire and its resulting damage is incredibly dangerous.

Here at Restoration 1, we offer 24-hour commercial fire damage restoration. Our team understands the tough situation you’re in; fire damage is overwhelming. You can fully rely on our trustworthy, immediate restoration services to help you reopen your business to the public.
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What Does Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Entail?

  • We remove damaged components that are deemed unsafe, including building materials and damaged electronics.
  • We remove floor coverings to prevent soot, dust, and harmful contamination from settling on the floor.
  • We evaluate structural framing, including subflooring and support beams, to ensure the structure remains strong.
  • We treat for odor and contamination caused by smoke and soot from the fire.
  • We’ll remove the HVAC system to repair or replace it, restoring fresh air to the property.

These are the basics of commercial fire damage restoration. We will do everything in our power to reverse the damage from a fire to your property until you’re completely satisfied with the results.
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Why Choose Us

There are many reasons to choose Restoration 1 for commercial fire damage restoration, including:

  • Fast Response to Any Disaster – When you call for restoration services, we dispatch a team to your property within an hour.
  • Certified Specialists – Our restoration technicians are IICRC-certified professionals with vast experience.
  • Advanced Restoration Equipment – We utilize the industry’s most effective and innovative restoration equipment.
  • Restore vs. Replace – We work tirelessly to restore your property and its contents without needing to replace everything.

For 24/7 commercial fire damage restoration, trust in your local Restoration 1 for expert assistance.


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